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Action Shoot DCFS

posted Aug 15, 2011, 5:33 PM by David Natale

The wet weather would not spoil the fun of Sundays shooting match at Delaware County Field and Stream.  The regular scheduled action match turned into a Steel Plate Match due to the rain.  The match was set up with 3 separate stages.  Each stage had 5 steel plates in which you had to engage. The magazine capacity was set at 10 but in theory all you needed was 5 accurately placed rounds.  Each shooter had 3 attempts at each stage and the worst time was dropped for you score. At stage one the plates were set at about 30 yards and were various size rectangles.  Stage two there were two large poppers a small gong and two small poppers set at 25 yards. Stage three was a rack of five 8 inch swinging circles at 25 yards.  Even with the rain there was at least 20 shooters.  There was a wide range of guns being used ranging from stock  guns to full out race guns.   Keep posted for other upcoming shoots in the near future.