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Action Shoot DCFS

posted Sep 13, 2011, 6:29 PM by David Natale   [ updated Sep 13, 2011, 6:41 PM ]

Delaware County Field and Stream hosted an action shoot this past Sunday.  I was sure to take part in the shoot and I must say I had a BLAST!  The shooting started at about 10:30.  There was a good turnout of about 20 shooters most of which were new to the action shooting sport.  There were three stages set up the first was called DCFS Standards.  The second stage was 20 Rounds Paper and Steel and the final stage was called Gas in the Tank.  For equipment all you needed was a center fire gun capable of holding 10 rounds, 4 magazines, a magazine pouch and about 100 rounds of ammo.

For DCFS Standards you had to fire one shot on each of the 5 targets then reload and fire 5 more shots from a distance of about 16 yards.  The second part was firing one shot on each target from 12 yards. Next you reloaded and fired on shot on each target using only your strong hand.

The Second stage called 20 Paper and Steel had a mixture of steel plates, poppers and paper targets.  First was five steel plates followed by 3 paper targets whereas the steel received one shot each and the paper a double tap.  Next you shot a large popper that activated a target to pop up and you had to double tap the target before the hostage blocked your shot.

The Final Stage was called Gas in the Tank.  This stage was definitely the most challenging because it required you to run through the course and engage targets as you could see them.   Two of the positions required you to fire through a small window that limited your range of motion.  The hardest target was found at the end and was activated by a steel popper.  Once you hit the popper the enemy target only reviled itself for a second, during that second you had to double tap the target before it swung away.

Keep posted for more upcoming shoots because everyone from the beginner to the professional can have a blast at an action shoot. Special Thanks for everyone that help organize, set up, and run the shoot.  Without these volunteers activities like the action shoot could not exist.