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Hostage Pin Match at DCFS

posted Jul 13, 2011, 12:23 PM by David Natale
Last Sunday I took part in one of Delaware County Field and Streams Hostage Pin Match which was held on Sunday July 10th.  I must say it was a BLAST.  The rules of the game were simple you and your opponent face off to Five bowling Pins each one of which is painted black.   The object is to knock down your 4 white pins and your opponents black pin before they hit yours.  The competition is single elimination so you get to play until you are beat.   There was a good turnout with approximately 15 contestants.   There are no specific requirements for the firearms although most contestants were using some variant of a 1911 with reloaded ammunition.   My weapon of choice was my 1911 fed with 200 grain SWC Hard Cast Lead from Delco Shooting Supply the powder charge was 4.5 grains of Titegroup.  This load proves to be extremely accurate with very little recoil which is key in this type of competition.  The Hostage Pin Match is extremely fun and definitely gets your adrenaline pumping.   Keep posted on the calendar of events for more fun shoots in the area.  As I partake in these matches I will post about my experiences.