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Oct Hostage Pin Match

posted Oct 11, 2011, 10:46 AM by David Natale
On Sunday October 9th Delaware County Field and Stream hosted a hostage pin match at the pistol range.  The match was a ton of fun.  The match was very well attended with over 30 participants.  The match was set up as a double elimination challenge so after the first round there was the winners bracket and the losers bracket so you were guaranteed to shoot at least twice.  There was a wide range of firearms being used everything from .22 semi auto up to 44 magnum revolver.   After the shoot was over the match director took out the Polish Plate Rack and everyone was offered a turn at the rack.  A Polish plate rack consists of 8 steel plates on a beam that becomes unbalanced as plates are hit and begins to spin.  The match and the rack were both very challenging and fun.  A special thanks to all who organized and participated in the shoot. Keep posted for upcoming events in the area.