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Reloading Instructions

posted Jun 27, 2011, 9:13 AM by nuhtowel   [ updated Jun 27, 2011, 9:14 AM by David Natale ]
Step One: Resizing and De-priming

This step removes the old primer and resizes the case back to factory specs. To set up the first die, place the shell holder into press and move ram into the up position. Next screw sizing die completely down until it touches the shell holder and tighten lock ring. You are now ready to size and de-prime your cases.

Step Two: Expand Case Mouth

This step expands the case mouth so that there is room for the new bullet to be seated. First retract the expander knob on die to the top. Placed a sized case into shell holder and move ram into the up position. Then screw the expander knob down until you feel slight pressure on the case. Lower ram and then turn expander another quarter turn. Raise ram to expand case mouth. Examine case and check for expansion, the bullet should be able to sit in case without falling over. You do not want to over expand the case because it will be difficult to seat the bullet properly. Adjust expander until the optimum case expansion is accomplished.

Step Three: Prime Cases

Use the hand prime tool included with your press. Be sure you have the appropriate shell holder and primer seat. While priming be sure that all primers are oriented in the correct position and firmly press them into the case. A properly seated primer does not protrude past the back of the case.

Step Four: Powder Charge

Always consult your reloading manual for this step. Be sure to match the correct bullet weight with powder to find your charge. Do not exceed the maximum charge.

Zero Scale- Be sure that you place your scale on a level surface and make sure it zeros out. Next set scale to the charge weight you wish to load.

Adjust powder Measure- Use adjustment screw and scale to obtain the correct volume of powder. Once set you are now ready to charge cases. Be sure to check charge weight every 15- to 20 rounds.

Step Five: Seat Bullets

BEFORE you seat bullets look at all 50 cases in the block and be sure all cases have powder and more importantly there are no cases that have been doubled charged.

This is the final step where the bullet is seated and crimped into the case. First retract seat punch to the top of the crimp die. Place a factory loaded round into shell holder and move ram into the up position. Next screw die down until it becomes finger tight and tighten lock ring. Screw down bullet seat until it contacts the bullet and tighte