Reloading FAQ

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Question: What is single stage reloading?

Answer: Single stage reloading is when each step in the reloading process is done one at a time. Step one is resizing/de-priming the case. Step two is belling the case. Step three is priming the case. Step four dropping the power charge and seating the bullet.

Question: What is progressive reloading?

Answer: Progressive reloading utilizes a more complex machine that does multiple reloading steps of the reloading process at the same time. These machines have a much higher output rate but also cost a lot more money. I recommend people new to reloading to start out on a single stage before attempting progressive reloading.

Question: Is reloading safe?

Answer: Yes, as long as recommendations in the reloading manual are not exceeded and all safety measures are followed reloading is extremely safe.

Question: Other then saving money what are other reasons to reload?

Answer: People reload for many reasons. Reloading often produces a much more accurate round that is suited for both the shooter and the firearm. Most people assume you reload for higher power loads, when in actuality most reloader’s load down so that they can have a more accurate lighter target load.

Question: I do not know how to reload where do I begin?

Answer: The first place to start is a good quality reloading manual. Another option is to come to Delco Shooting Supply and talk to our knowledgeable staff. Delco Shooting Supply has a single stage press on display in our showroom for demonstration purposes.

Question: How Many Times Can I Reuse My Brass?

Answer: It depends. There are a number of factors that limit the life of the brass. The main factors are the quality of the brass and the power level of the load. Generally, hotter loads will wear out brass faster than light loads. From my experience with light target loads it can be expected to get 8-10 reloads before brass needs to be discarded. It is time to get rid of the brass when cracks appear at the mouth of the case.