1107 Lincoln Ave Prospect Park, PA 19076

Store Hours:  

Tue.  12-5

Wed. 12-5

Thur. 12-5

Friday. 12-5

Saturday: closed 

Sunday and Monday: Closed

Phone: 484-494-7430



No Appointment Needed 

Medical Marijuana card holders can not purchase firearms as per Federal Regulations

Before coming in to look at Firearms Please read the info below and make sure you qualify. 

Firearm purchasers must have a valid PA drivers License with their current address and be able to pass the background check.  Failure to pass the background check results in a $60 cash fee. 

ATTN: FIRST TIME BUYERS:   There are some excellent resources available at delcoshootingsupply.com under the articles tab. 

If you have been convicted of a crime punishable by a term of 1 year or more “including probation” please do not attempt to buy a firearm

Delco Shooting Supply is a friendly, fully licensed, firearms store with expert staff who are happy to answer all of your questions.

 The gun shop is conveniently located in Delaware County, minutes from Philadelphia and seconds from route I 95 and the New Jersey bridges.  We have an extensive selection of  firearms, ammunition, and accessories.  We also offer a large selection of reloading supplies for people who enjoy reloading their own ammunition. We stock a broad selection of premium hard cast bullets which are cast and sized by us in Delaware County on our state of the art equipment.